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Advanced Latent Print Kit

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LK07ACClear Lifting Tape$87.95Add
LK07AFFrosted Lifting Tape$87.95Add


A highly-portable kit with both standard and magnetic latent fingerprint powders in three colors, brushes and magnetic applicators, lifting tapes, and backing cards. Kit comes in a blow-molded case with foam insert. Choose clear or frosted lifting tape. Contents:

  • 2 oz Standard Black Powder
  • 2 oz Standard White Powder
  • 2 oz Standard Dual-Print Powder
  • 1 oz Magnetic Black Powder
  • 1 oz White Magnetic Powder
  • 1 oz Dual-Print Magnetic Powder
  • 3 Fiber Brushes
  • 1 Magnetic Applicator
  • Roll of 1 1/2" Lifting Tape
  • Roll of 4" Lifting Tape
  • 50 White Backing Cards
  • 50 Black Backing Cards