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Mini-CrimeScope 400

Mini-CrimeScope 400 Forensic Light Source

The premiere crime scene forensic light source. Quite possibly the world’s most popular Forensic Light Source.

In 1998 the FBI purchased 71 of the Mini-CrimeScope 400 for use by their Evidence Response Teams, after comparing it to the competition.

In 2002 the FBI purchased 70 more of the Mini-CrimeScope 400 after comparing it to the competition's latest "New" versions.

The Mini-CrimeScope 400 was selected by the Italian Carabinieri, purchasing 107 units in 2002.

Mini CrimeScope 400

Mini CrimeScope 400

Extreme Reliability - Unmatched ease of use.

Until the advent of its cousin, the Mini-CrimeScope Advance, the Mini-CrimeScope-400W was the most powerful crime scene forensic light source on the market, producing light intensity unmatched by any other forensic light source.  It has been providing superior, reliable performance since 1997.

Its 400W arc lamp provides intense uniform illumination and easy bulb replacement. The Mini-CrimeScope 400 is the only 400W light source with 1500+ bulb lifetime.  No other 400W bulb has the same rating from the bulb manufacturer.  This long lifetime 400W bulb is exclusively available from SPEX Forensics.

The Mini-CrimeScope 400 is brighter than any handheld light source on the market, bar none!  Indeed it is brighter than any portable forensic laser.

The Mini-CrimeScope 400 is the most versatile forensic light source, with choice of 6, 8, 12, or 16 wavelengths. Easily upgradeable, the unit can grow with your department’s needs.

A compact, portable, rugged UV-visible tunable light source with 400W metal halide lamp (1500 hours nominal life time, more in reality). The system includes a 2 meter liquid light guide, 10mm active diameter, with dual armor metal protection, 4 pairs of goggles, 1 or 2 remote filter wheels with 8 positions each mounted on the working end of the light guide for one hand-operation. A lightweight case is also included. Camera filters and additional goggles are available.

Now, Even More Power!

The Mini-CrimeScope has been among the most powerful Forensic Light Sources for some time. Now, utilizing a higher Intensity 400W bulb, manufactured specifically for use in the Mini-CrimeScope®, as well as new high throughput, high durability filters, the MCS-400 stands alone as the most intense Forensic Light Source. Intensity and Power allow for better sensitivity. It helps you find evidence you could not see before.


The MCS-400 is as easy to use at the crime scene as it is to use in the lab. It is transported in a rigid, padded case that is easily brought to the scene by simply throwing the strap over the users shoulder.

The MCS-400 is designed to travel.

Ease of Use

The MCS-400 features a patented filter wheel at the working end of the liquid light guide. To switch a filter the user need only “flick a thumb” on the hand that is directing the light guide. No other light source can make that claim.


To be a top of the line Forensic Light Source, the unit must be useful today and tomorrow. With this as a rule, the Mini-CrimeScope® 400 was designed to be upgradeable.  Additional filter wheels can be added any time.

Every MCS-400 comes with a rugged, padded carrying case, providing protection against even the roughest of handling.  We routinely travel with the “Mini”, checking it as luggage in the case above without worries.

When using any alternate light source, 2 features are critical, light intensity and wavelength selection. The Mini-CrimeScope 400 provides very high light intensity in a round uniform spot that is easily controlled, allowing the user to maximize how much light falls onto the evidence. The more light on the evidence, the brighter the fluorescence.  The Mini-CrimeScope provides multiple wavelengths and the easiest way to switch them. Multiple wavelengths are critical in rejecting background/fluorescence. The evidence you are looking for generally fluoresces while being excited at most wavelengths of the spectrum. When you have a background that also fluoresces the multiple wavelengths allows the user to select for the ideal wavelength to allow for rejection of the background, maximizing contrast.

For Crime Scene and Lab Work

Fingerprints (porous/non porous surfaces), body fluids, trace Evidence, bite marks and bruises, shoeprints, gun shot residues, bone fragments, drugs.

Mini CrimeScope 400

Mini CrimeScope 400

System is manufactured under ISO 9001 standards.

As with any alternate light source, always wear eye and skin protection. Please illuminate responsibly.

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Mini CrimeScope 400