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CrimeScope Forensic Light Source

CS-16-500W: The Ultimate Forensic Light Source

The Flagship of the SPEX Forensics Product Line

The CS-16-500W was designed for those departments that prefer the power and IR capabilites of 500W Xenon lamps.  Designed for the lab to cover every application of a forensic light source but versatile and rugged enough to be taken to the crime scene, the CS-16-500W provides output in the UV and VIS and is available with optional IR.  It is continuously tunable allowing for complete coverage of the spectrum.

Ease of Use

The CS-16-500W-15F contains an automated filter wheel with an LED readout on the front of the unit. There is a remote control integrated into the working end of the liquid light guide to control wavelength selection. Since the remote is integrated, there is no separate wire, connection, or control to install. An optional foot switch is available for “hands free” operation.

True “One Hand” operation

A hallmark of SPEX Forensics’ Light Sources, it is most true on the CrimeScope®. One hand can both direct the light and select wavelength, freeing the other hand for evidence collection.


  • New high throughput filters
  • High intensity 500W Xenon bulb for superior wavelength coverage
  • Most complete – 12 to 19 wavelengths
  • Wavelength fine tuning
  • Remote control for one hand operation
  • Uniform and adjustable illumination spot
  • Optional computer control software
  • Optional monochromator for superior Infrared illumination

The CS-16-500W contains

  • Automated 15 position filter wheel controlled with up-down push buttons on front panel with continuous wavelength fine tune knob.
  • 15 filters mounted on wheel: UV(300-400), 415, 445, 455, 475, 495, CSS, 515, 535, 555, SP575, 600, 630, 670, and white light.
  • 10mm diameter 2 meter long liquid light guide for UV-visible light.
  • Infrared Port is LP500. Upgradeable in the field with Part Number 37870, listed  below.
  • Set of five goggles: (1) UV protective,(1) yellow, (2) orange and (1) red.
  • Set of Four 62mm diameter camera filters with ring adapters: (2) orange longpass, (2) red longpass.
  • Remote heavy duty flexible arm to hold liquid light guide with 2 special superclamps. Compatible with camera tripods, table top or table leg the device allows for Photography and two handed processing of evidence.
  • Rugged and user friendly case with build in wheels, lateral handle and pull out handle.
  • Carrying case for accessories.
  • Manual on care and use of unit, covering all applications.
  • CS-REMOTE Remote wavelength selector at working end of light guide. Allows continuous wavelength selection using the same hand holding the light guide, freeing the other hand to dust or collect evidence.
  • Optional:  Infrared output. Part # 37870.  Ideal for forged documents, ink-ink differentiation. Light guide and 4 filters for port on side of instrument. Filters include LP630, LP715, LP780, LP830.

A 12 Filter version is available, please contact us for specifications and details.

System is manufactured under ISO 9001 standards.

As with any alternate light source, always wear eye and skin protection. Please illuminate responsibly.

CrimeScope® CS-16-400 and CrimeScope® CS-16-10

The Original CrimeScope CS-16-10 introduced in 1993 and later, the CrimeScope CS-16-400, are no longer available. They have been replaced by the CS-16-500W above.

Both earlier CrimeScopes are still being supported by SPEX Forensics.

If you are one of the Hundreds of CrimeScope users with one of these Classic Models, and require service or spare parts, please contact our Service Manager Tom Biczo at SPEX Forensics.

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