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Our broad range of products in Fingerprint Imaging, Fingerprint Image Enhancement and Comparison include all solutions for the laboratory and the crime scene to digitally capture prints, enhance them with innovative optical and software tools, and extract minutiae for side by side comparisons and case presentations. C.D.I.S. Systems are include all components for both optical and software enhancement.

ImaScope™ is our 12 bit, 4096 levels of gray CCD camera, for C-mount lenses and our dual filter slide assembly. The CCD control is integrated in the ImaQuest® software including manual exposure time, auto-exposure, video or high resolution digital mode. PrintScope™ is a portable digital camera with all filters and optics to capture body fluid stains or fingerprints, and packaged with three options for software. C.D.I.S CrimeScope® Digital Imaging Systems, include all the hardware, optics and software packages to be used with one of our Forensic Light Sources.

ImaQuest® Fingerprint/Palmprint processing solution allows the removal of fluorescent backgrounds, boost prints and removes periodic backgrounds with FFT, and features a broad range of digital filters to process the prints. ImaQuest® tracks all changes made automatically and features a unique format which records the original image and all mathematical treatments applied to the image.


IdentQuest™ is a module included in ImaQuest® and features automated extraction of minutiae and manual selection of points and features on two prints, side by side. This allows you to scan the reference fingerprint from a tenprint card and IdentQuest™ will Digitally Compare the images.


Chart the points from the comparison and digitally paste into a free form document that can be designed and configured for your own department. Save templates for future use. Print any chart, image, or history to any installed and configured printer.


Let ImaQuest give you what your AFIS wants!

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ImaQuest Digital Image Enhancement Suite

Image Processing, Simplified.

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ImaQuest Fingerprint Enhancement Software

Designed originally for Fingerprints, ImaQuest Fingerprint Image Enhancement Software is the most complete software package of its kind, with the ability to secure, scale, enhance, track, compare, chart, and print work from multiple investigators and multiple sources.

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Universal Imaging System

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