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Automated Fingerprint & Palmprint Identification Systems

AFIS and APIS stand-alone desktop PC Systems are now available and affordable while offering the same powerful tools as found on state/federal AFIS and in some cases, higher accuracy.


A stand-alone desktop PC System allows a department to get full control over their own database, their own processes. The department can maintain a higher quality of cards entered into the database. The department can submit any latent it wishes, for search.

The department can assign priorities to their searches based on the priorities of their casework and get immediate results. Process even poor quality latents which the State AFIS often refuses. Review as many or as few candidates as you wish.

A stand-alone desktop PC System is exceptionally useful for a department that routinely gets results from the State AFIS system that indicate the suspect is someone arrested by the same department before. In cases like this having its own stand-alone desktop PC System allows the department to save tremendous amounts of time between the investigation of a crime scene and the identification of a suspect. Indeed, a stand-alone desktop PC System also allows latent to latent hits, essentially linking crimes committed.

A stand-alone desktop PC System also allows a department to identify aliases faster, searching ten print cards of arrestees against the database and getting results immediately.

A stand-alone desktop PC System helps a department train its staff regarding the latent process providing better understanding of latent print collection.

A stand-alone desktop PC System provides Palmprint capability. Most State AFIS systems still do not have palm capability. And if they do, many are unstable and unreliable. In some cases, collecting Palm cards at the time of the Ten Print card and searching Palm latents can solve 25% to 35% more cases.

PrintQuest - proving the worth of a “Local” AFIS/APIS system.

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PrintQuest AFIS - APIS System

SPEX Forensics Offers PrintQuest® The Full Fingerprint Solution. AFIS and APIS fully integrated in one package. PrintQuest® Systems offer unmatched accuracy, automation, and ease of use, for a fraction of the cost of previous AFIS system.

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Results...the only thing that matters

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